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CXI Construction Contractors is a full-service general contracting firm that can provide a complete solution to any client’s needs. With over 31 years of experience, CXI provides full construction services for commercial or multi-family projects, including competitive bidding and procurement of subcontractors, oversight of the entire permitting process, site and project management, contract administration, value engineering and job-buyouts. CXI consistently delivers affordable commercial and residential solutions for any sized project in Southern California whether it is a commercial tenant improvement, new construction, major renovation, or a simple remodel.

Every step will be taken to complete your project on-time and within budget constraints with superior craftsmanship. We draw upon a variety of skills to ensure the success of your project whether you are an architect, building owner, tenant, real estate broker, or property manager. Our expertise includes retail, food service, and financial institutions, as well as business properties and medical offices. We also offer tenant improvement construction which can often be undertaken during the normal course of construction, saving the owner both time and money.


There are two basic goals to meet in the pre-construction phase: determine project objectives and complete a comprehensive project evaluation. In collaboration with your project management team, we will help determine the project objectives by envisioning clients’ desired results and proposing the most efficient project pathway. Process consideration at this stage prevents unnecessary and costly delays which could have been avoided.

Successful projects start with well-defined schedules and cost-control plans that are realistic and well thought out. CXI provides design and support of systems that are capable of starting and maintaining schedules and costs within parameters set early on. During this process, we give prime consideration to solving problems while projecting related and future needs. Throughout this design and bid process, CXI will suggest changes in the plans or specification in order to create substantial cost and schedule savings, as well as efficient means and methods. These changes may involve substitution of materials, reduction of quantities, changes to improve design, or procedure modification other than those set forth and required by the contract documents. Additionally, we will assist you with architect and engineer selection if needed and oversee the pre-qualification of sub-contractors and vendors. Following the selection, CXI will handle the legal details associated with the award and help develop the professional relationship by negotiating the terms of your contract. Our goal is to minimize the stress by guiding you through the pre-construction phase.

Your comprehensive project evaluation with CXI will encompass these vital scope-of-work details:
  • Project objectives
  • Requirements and specification review
  • Budget and schedule constraints
  • Project feasibility
  • Special Permit/approval considerations
  • Safety plan
  • Preliminary construction cost
  • Value engineering
  • Cost/feature evaluation
  • Critical path items
  • Identification of long lead items
  • Sub-contract identification
  • Construction development plan
  • Initiation of the project history file
  • A thorough project evaluation during the Pre-construction phase saves you time, money and keeps your project on schedule. Contact us for more information.

    After the pre-construction phase has been completed, the project is ready to move into the construction cycle. The foundation laid during the pre-construction phase will be reviewed and implemented as construction begins. All testing and quality procedures will be reviewed with the Architect and Engineer. Working drawings will undergo further development and scrutiny and a more definitive "punch-list” will reflect the collaborative efforts between Architect, Engineer, and CXI. The contractor’s "As Planned” construction and procurement schedules will be reviewed and fine-tuned. A formal project management file will be opened to maintain records and monitor progress.

    In addition to the information generated in the pre-construction phase, each client can anticipate notes on construction progress, "As-Built" documentation and schedules, all RFI (requests for information), project correspondence, change orders, and claim submittals. Recommendations to the owner for resolution of claims and disputes will be based on solid documentation recorded in the project management file. CXI complies with standard financial record by keeping track of actual costs versus budgeted costs. Accurate records will allow us to recommend cost-reduction and control measures as your project progresses. Throughout the project, we will coordinate and review change-orders and evaluate cost and time impacts to the project. CXI will review and maintain the resource-loaded schedule, coordinate all tenant improvement build-outs and perform work if in contract. We will review and administer all progress payments to streamline account management functions. The complete Project Management file developed and maintained throughout the construction phase will ensure that documentation is readily available for review as the project moves on to the post-construction phase.
    Your file will include:
    • Requirements and specifications
    • Drawings and plans
    • Proposals and contracts
    • Quality reports and inspection approvals
    • Verifications and validations of all subcontract work
    • Safety requirements and plans
    • Regulatory local/state agency approvals
    • All relevant communications; i.e. e-mail, fax, letter
    • Change order requests and approvals
    • Work completion releases
    • Manuals and warranty letters
    • All financial documentation
    CXI understands how important both communication and documentation are to your project.
    Contact us for more information about construction and additional project management services.
    • Monitor and administer "Project Close-out Activities” including Architect /Engineer’s issuance of certificates of Substantial Completion
    • Coordinate completion of punch list work scopes, start-up and commissioning of systems
    • Review and coordinate all final lien waivers
    • Submission of guarantees, warranties, and manuals of operation and maintenance
    • Coordinate and attend final "walk-through” inspections
    • Coordinate and schedule owner occupancy
    • Review Contractor’s application for final payment

    The post-construction phase is essential for finalizing the project close-out. Client satisfaction is our top priority! Past clientele have praised the attention to detail we bring to every project. This is only possible with an outstanding commitment to value engineering from the first concept to the final walk-through. Value engineering allows our clients to take advantage of CXI’s extensive knowledge and experience to cut the cost and time of a project to the lowest practical level without compromising the functionality or reliability of the work.

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