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An Introduction to Travertine Stone
Formed by the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate from decaying organic matter near hot springs or in underground caves and water tables, limestone is transformed by pressure over time into a cream-colored hard sedimentary stone. Mineral impurities settling into the porous stone create striking visual variations in color and texture. Similar to its cousin marble, travertine is sturdy and resilient to weathering and wear, making it a favorable building material. This durability of travertine makes it the perfect choice for many exterior and interior applications throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, & San Diego County. Decorative patios make use of travertine pavers to provide an organic, natural look, both aesthetically pleasing with a warm welcoming feel. Used throughout history by many of the greatest civilizations on Earth, travertine stone elicits a feeling of strength, beauty, and permanence. Today, as in Roman times, travertine pavers can be installed around pool decks, spa areas, patios, and driveways on the exterior to direct movement physically and emotionally. Gorgeous natural designs formed by mineral veining create a welcoming interior environment. Travertine tiles are most frequently utilized indoors for flooring, wall tiles, and countertops, but it is truly limited only by the imagination of the designer.

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The Benefits of Installing Travertine Paver Stone Outdoors
Travertine is a natural stone material with many additional advantages over lower quality paving materials typically installed in large tract applications. Not only does travertine offer a unique touch of class and elegance over manmade materials it has many practical qualities as well. Travertine paver stones are naturally blessed with the unique quality of non-discoloration created as a result of the mineral composition rather than achieved by artificial staining. Travertine pavers also resist extreme temperature changes. During summer this unique cooling quality paired with the fact that travertine pavers offer a natural skid resistant surface when wet making them the perfect choice around walkways, patios, and as pool decking. In winter, they can easily withstand freeze/thaw temperatures to maintain their shape and color as well. The manmade concrete interlocking paver can burn bare feet under the summer sun as well as discolor and fade over time.

Travertine pavers have many advantages over other pavers such as interlocking concrete pavers or stamped concrete:

  • Stay cool even under intense sun or heat.
  • Very high coefficient of friction even when wet (non-slip)
  • Extremely resistant to weathering and erosion and never fade (even if unsealed) or develop spotting from calcium deposits or efflorescence like cement or concrete. The Coliseum in Rome is made of travertine and has withstood thousands of years of abuse.
  • When sand set (as we do in most applications), acts as a natural filtration element.
  • Little-to-no-maintenance. Cracked or broken pieces can be replaced in minutes for literally dollars per piece.
  • Adds much more value to your house over other material.
  • We can provide any size or pattern desired via custom order (with 45-60 days lead time)
  • Standard 1.25" thick paver has PSI ratings over 7000. Thicker material is available for alternate or commercial use.
  • And one of the most important advantages: It looks amazing!

Travertine Paver Installation
Every installation of travertine pavers has its own unique level of preparation. Under normal practice we install travertine pavers in a dry-laid or sand-set application. We also mortar set when necessary. Excavating to appropriate depth is determined by the needed loadbearing capability.

In a travertine paver driveway application, commercial projects, and or fire lanes, the weight of the vehicles will determine the depth of excavation and thickness of the crushed aggregate base. Soil composition or type will also factor into the installation process. We install concrete-reinforced footings where necessary and mortar set travertine paver edges when a travertine installation does not finish to an existing concrete slab or block wall. Commercial projects and or fire lanes will require a thicker crushed aggregate base.

Travertine Paver Driveway Installation

Travertine Paver Design
One of the largest investments in any landscaping project is the hardscape. Actually, there are many different options for incorporating travertine into a patio in today’s landscapes design world. From California’s newest patio trend – the travertine paver patio – to the traditional world of concrete, and concrete interlocking pavers, CXI Construction Contractors provides expert design advice, and meticulous installation for all of your patio and paver needs in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, & San Diego County. While the interlocking concrete paver patio or driveway in California is probably the most popular, there are many other options that are probably more elegant, and cooler! 

Traditional interlocking concrete pavers tend to get hot! For those who love pavers, you’ll absolutely love the California edition of the travertine paver patio. Everyone loves travertine and pavers are the newest fad! So, blended together, the installation of travertine pavers create one of the most up-and-coming popular patio options in the landscape industry today. Blend travertine paver installation with other elements such as flagstone for visually striking compositions.  Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, & San Diego County, call CXI Construction for professional traverstine paver design.

The basics: Concrete & standard interlocking concrete paver patios have become the basics to every patio installation project. With the cost of pavers at an all-time low, concrete interlocking pavers tend to be the most cost effective choice, plus if installed correctly, they don’t shift, settle, or crack! Make sure your interlocking concrete paver installer understands the correct methods of paver installation!

Natural Stone Veneer Outdoor Fireplace with Flagstone Courtyard and Travertine Pavers

The upgrades: Since your patios are the most noticeable investment in your landscape, most of our clients make sure this choice is spectacular! Flagstone and Travertine patios are a great stone patio choice. The incredible colors in each make a huge impact in any patio and landscape design.

The "enthusiast”: Our paver patio enthusiast will always take the patio to the extreme. Adding decorative curves, custom mosaics, or decorative patterns is a way to set your patio from the rest. Precision cut Arizona flagstone is a great choice for a premium patio project. Our large Versailles pattern travertine pavers are also one of the most elegant patios one can have installed. Cantera Stone patios create an old world charm, but at a premium price point. All patios should be maintained to last a lifetime, and a professional grade sealant is recommended for most of CXI Constructions patio projects.

Travertine Paver Pool Deck with Travertine Coping and Travertine Paver Patio

There is no right or wrong patio, but there is a "right” patio for you! Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, & San Diego County, CXI Construction has a knowledgeable staff of landscape and patio designers to help fit you to the best patio for you. We also believe that having just one patio choice for the backyard can be very plain and dull – which is why we love to mix two to three different (but complementary) patios in our landscape designs – creating a space for all occasions! Imagine a cool, non-slip patio by the pool . Then, a Versaille Tuscan-style paver patio in the courtyard and 6”X12” walkways. And then maybe a raised view patio, constructed using a dual "soldier course” of 8”X8”’s  with a 6”x12” "basket weave” interior fill. If everything complements, then you’ve got a great landscape and patio design! 

Why use CXI Construction Contractors to install your travertine pavers?
CXI Construction Contractors has been installing the highest quality travertine paver driveways, patios, walkways, and pool decks for nearly 20 years. We have established relationships with prominent stone importers to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the industry.  CXI Construction Contractors offers professional travertine paver installation to the residents of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, & San Diego County.

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